LPL di Giovanni Curcelli & Figlio srl

The LPL company of Giovanni Curcelli & Figlio srl has always invested in high-tech systems and operates throughout the national and international territory in compliance with environmental protection and occupational safety.

The main objective of the company is to satisfy the multiple needs of the customer by responding quickly and with the highest quality level. The production processes allow continuous control of the production up to the post-sales process with the testing and certification of the materials.
The LPL of Giovanni Curcelli & Figlio srl aims to become a leader in the iron and steel sector not only thanks to professionalism, quality and tailor-made products, but above all thanks to corporate values.

from more than 50 years in the steel sector

LPL Curcelli Lucera
LPL Curcelli Lucera


Certified company UNI EN 1090 | ISO 9001

Our quality system has obtained certification according to the UNI EN 1090 and ISO 9001 standards.
We rigorously apply the principles of quality control in all steps of design and sheet metal processing.