Corrugated sheets for slabs H75

It finds its application mainly in the building sector as a support for the construction of slabs. The high height allows to obtain capacities considerably higher than the H55, the H75 version with embossing collaborates with the concrete casting through continuous notches on the vertical walls which prevent the creep and detachment of concrete.

Corrugated sheets for slabs H75

The general approach of the calculation is that of Eurocode 3 "Design of steel structures", Part 1.3 "Supplementary rules for thin cold formed members". The Eurocode 3 "Design of steel structures", Part 1-3 "Supplementary rules for cold-formed thin gauge members and sheeting" provides the general approach for calculation.


I valori delle portate in grassetto con carichi uniformemente distribuiti, sono riferiti ad una freccia > 1/200 L The values shown in bold type with uniformty distributed foads refer to one deflection > 1/200 L