Corrugated Steel Sheets EGB401

The peculiarity of this profile is that it has very narrow frets. As a result we have very large flat parts. When mounted upside down, it is appreciated because there is a very large support surface (for example for mineral wool in dry-stone floors).

Corrugated Steel Sheets EGB401

The general approach of the calculation is that of Eurocode 3 "Design of steel structures", Part 1.3 "Supplementary rules for thin cold formed members". The Eurocode 3 "Design of steel structures", Part 1-3 "Supplementary rules for cold-formed thin gauge members and sheeting" provides the general approach for calculation.


I valori delle portate in grassetto con carichi uniformemente distribuiti, sono riferiti ad una freccia > 1/200 L
The values shown in bold type with uniformty distributed foads refer to one deflection > 1/200 L